This past fall, a peeping Tom would enter my back yard and climb up the fire escape and would be right outside my windows on the escape. This would happen a few times a month until it became multiple times a week. My space had been violated and no longer safe for me. Someone whose name I did not know and face I have not seen had so much power and control over my life. I did not feel freedom to move about and live as I please. I had to temporarily leave my apartment, and in that time I didn’t have one solid place to live.

"You don’t realize something until its not there anymore. Personal living spaces and rooms. Often taken for granted. The space where you come each day to regroup, rest, energize, work, collect thoughts, and flourish in. Reflecting on the day past and to come. I never knew how important this space was until it was violated, no longer safe for me. No freedom to do as I please and move about. I lived out of my backpack everyday not knowing where I would sleep each night. I had no place to regroup, do work, or take care of myself. This took me back; I became very unstable, mentally, emotionally, and physically."

This book is a thank you to people very dear to me and my experience with them in their spaces.

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